These are some of my collections. I have a huge amount of Anime and quite a few games as well.


My DVD collection is constantly growing. I keep an online database updated with that at all times so I’ll link you to that instead of listing it all here.

My DVD Profiler Collection

My Guitars

My Guitars

These are my two current guitars.

On the left is a 1993 Fender USA Stratocaster Plus. It came stock with three Gold Lace Sensor pickups and Fender’s TBX Tone Control. I swapped out the bridge pickup for a Seymour Duncan Little ’59 a long time ago. Just recently, I added a full layer of copper foil shielding inside and changed all the potentiometers over to Bourns Model 82s. I’m not completely happy with the way the bridge pup sounds though. It’s too bright so I’m thinking of swapping that tone control back to the TBX with a larger cap and modified resistor on it. Then is should play very well.

On the right is a 1998 Ibanez RG270DX Korean model. There isn’t much that was left stock on this one. It’s got a full set of copper shielding, a full set of Duncan ’59 pickups, a CRL switch, Bourns Model 95 pots for volume and bridge tone, and a Fender TBX tone control with modified wiring for the neck/middle pups. I’ve also changed out the saddles on this for a set of locking saddles to make a single locking tremolo into a double locking trem. I’ve added a Tremol-no as well. Overall this is my favorite guitar. It had a very good sound and is extremely playable. I have nothing against the Fender, but this one just sounds better for most of what I play.

1986 RG530 Ibanez Roadstar II

1986 RG530 Ibanez Roadstar II

This one is a recent purchase. I haven’t even received it yet. It should be in soon and I’ll post up some specs. I plan to modify this one since it’s a little beat up. I’d imagine the electronics will need a full swap along with the pickups. I’m debating on whether to sand the paint off the back of the neck and oil it or not. I don’t really like the feel of painted necks but I don’t want to change the appearance of the guitar too much either.  I’ll play it a while and see what I think. Ultimately I value playability over vintage value. It isn’t really worth a whole lot anyway.


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