Abandoned College Walkthrough

Walkthrough – By PoppaMeth
1) Enter the School.
2) Go to Class 1.
3) Katie:
-Answer 1: How do you know my name?
-Answer 2: Hmm, how can I help you?
-Answer 3: Why are you worried about her?
-Answer 4: Okay, I’ll try to help her.
4) Go to the Stairs.
5) Go to the Second Floor.
6) Go to Class 2.
7) Lisa:
-Answer 1: Hello, what’s your name?
-Answer 2: Katie told me that you feel guilty because of what happened.
-Answer 3: But you didn’t?
-Answer 4: Everyone has forgiven you.
8) Go to Class 3.
9) Elizabeth:
-Answer 1: Hi Elizabeth.
-Answer 2: Yes, of course. What?
-Answer 3: Did he survive?
10) Go to the Stairs.
11) Go to the First Floor.
12) Go to Class 1.
13) Katie:
-Answer 1: Yes, I helped her.
-Answer 2: I told her that you forgave her.
Enjoy the reward!
14) Go to Class 4.
15) Amanda:
-Answer 1: Hi, what’s your name?
-Answer 2: And why are you still here?
-Answer 3: I will find it an bring it to you.
16) Go to the Canteen.
17) Go to the Kitchen.
18) (Nameless cook?)
-Answer 1: Hey, have you seen a diary around here from someone named Amanda?
-Answer 2: Do you know where it is?
-Answer 3: Tell me where it is, and I’ll give it to the owner.
-Answer 4: I promise.
19) Take the key from the counter.
20) Go back to the Stairs.
21) Go to the Second Floor.
22) Go to the Arts room.
23) Retrieve the journal. It’s just above the set of steps on the right, on the
edge of the frame around the stage. Press Tab key until it shows up in you have
trouble finding it.
24) Go to the Stairs.
25) Go to the First Floor.
26) Go to Class 4.
27) Amanda: (return diary)
-Answer 1: Hi, I found your diary.
28) Go to the Playroom.
29) Retrieve the Music Box. It’s on the lower right side. Use Tab again if you
need to.
30) Go to the Stairs.
31) Go to the Second Floor.
32) Go to Class 3.
33) Elizabeth: (return music box)
-Answer 1: Hi. Yes, here it is.
Enjoy the reward!
34) Go to the Stairs.
35) Go to the First Floor.
36) Go to Class 6 and unlock the door using the key.
37) Go to Class 6.
38) Talk to Julie Astelas (headmistress)
39) Go to the Stairs.
40) Go to the Second Floor.
41) Go to the Arts room.
42) Grace: (P.E. Teacher)
-Answer 1: Hi Grace, how may I help you?
-Answer 2: I know you all think it’s Lisa’s fault. It was really her boyfriend.
-Answer 3: Why didn’t you sound the alarms?
-Answer 4: Why did the headmistress want to commit suicide?
43) Go to the Stairs.
44) Go to the First Floor.
45) Go to Class 6.
46) Julie Astelas: (headmistress)
-Answer 1: Hello, miss…
-Answer 2: The P.E. Teacher told me everything.
-Answer 3: I helped everyone. They are all free from this prison.
-Answer 4: I promise. Why did you do it?
-Answer 5: Ooh, how could he? What an idiot. You are such a beautiful woman.
Enjoy the reward!

The End!


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  1. I’m checking into it but so far no response from the author. Might be an original song for the game or it could be a freely available sample from another source.

    … HELPPP

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