New Darkling Designs Website

The new Darkling Designs Website is now open!

Over the next few weeks all of the project portfolios on this blog will gradually be compiled and moved to the new Darkling Designs website. All of GideonD’s personal works like poetry, reviews, etc. will remain here.

Enjoy the new site!


The new PME website is born!!

Poppa Meth Entertainment now has a new website up and running. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Poppa Meth Entertainment Website

My Limit Break Mechanics Guide for Final Fantasy VII has also been massively upgraded on the new website.

A few additions

I’m getting things sorted out. I just updated the About page with some personal info. I’ve added a Links page with links to my company website and forum. I’ve also added a Projects page with some info and links to my projects. The main one to be concerned about at this point is the only project I’ve ever really been known for, the Final Fantasy VII Limit Break Mechanics Guide.