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My Limit Break Mechanics Guide for Final Fantasy VII has also been massively upgraded on the new website.

Abandoned College Walkthrough

Walkthrough – By PoppaMeth
1) Enter the School.
2) Go to Class 1.
3) Katie:
-Answer 1: How do you know my name?
-Answer 2: Hmm, how can I help you?
-Answer 3: Why are you worried about her?
-Answer 4: Okay, I’ll try to help her.
4) Go to the Stairs.
5) Go to the Second Floor.
6) Go to Class 2.
7) Lisa:
-Answer 1: Hello, what’s your name?
-Answer 2: Katie told me that you feel guilty because of what happened.
-Answer 3: But you didn’t?
-Answer 4: Everyone has forgiven you.
8) Go to Class 3.
9) Elizabeth:
-Answer 1: Hi Elizabeth.
-Answer 2: Yes, of course. What?
-Answer 3: Did he survive?
10) Go to the Stairs.
11) Go to the First Floor.
12) Go to Class 1.
13) Katie:
-Answer 1: Yes, I helped her.
-Answer 2: I told her that you forgave her.
Enjoy the reward!
14) Go to Class 4.
15) Amanda:
-Answer 1: Hi, what’s your name?
-Answer 2: And why are you still here?
-Answer 3: I will find it an bring it to you.
16) Go to the Canteen.
17) Go to the Kitchen.
18) (Nameless cook?)
-Answer 1: Hey, have you seen a diary around here from someone named Amanda?
-Answer 2: Do you know where it is?
-Answer 3: Tell me where it is, and I’ll give it to the owner.
-Answer 4: I promise.
19) Take the key from the counter.
20) Go back to the Stairs.
21) Go to the Second Floor.
22) Go to the Arts room.
23) Retrieve the journal. It’s just above the set of steps on the right, on the
edge of the frame around the stage. Press Tab key until it shows up in you have
trouble finding it.
24) Go to the Stairs.
25) Go to the First Floor.
26) Go to Class 4.
27) Amanda: (return diary)
-Answer 1: Hi, I found your diary.
28) Go to the Playroom.
29) Retrieve the Music Box. It’s on the lower right side. Use Tab again if you
need to.
30) Go to the Stairs.
31) Go to the Second Floor.
32) Go to Class 3.
33) Elizabeth: (return music box)
-Answer 1: Hi. Yes, here it is.
Enjoy the reward!
34) Go to the Stairs.
35) Go to the First Floor.
36) Go to Class 6 and unlock the door using the key.
37) Go to Class 6.
38) Talk to Julie Astelas (headmistress)
39) Go to the Stairs.
40) Go to the Second Floor.
41) Go to the Arts room.
42) Grace: (P.E. Teacher)
-Answer 1: Hi Grace, how may I help you?
-Answer 2: I know you all think it’s Lisa’s fault. It was really her boyfriend.
-Answer 3: Why didn’t you sound the alarms?
-Answer 4: Why did the headmistress want to commit suicide?
43) Go to the Stairs.
44) Go to the First Floor.
45) Go to Class 6.
46) Julie Astelas: (headmistress)
-Answer 1: Hello, miss…
-Answer 2: The P.E. Teacher told me everything.
-Answer 3: I helped everyone. They are all free from this prison.
-Answer 4: I promise. Why did you do it?
-Answer 5: Ooh, how could he? What an idiot. You are such a beautiful woman.
Enjoy the reward!

The End!


Ibiza Nights Walkthrough.

Here is a walkthrough for Ibiza Nights by request.
Walkthrough – By PoppaMeth

Talamanca Beach – Carise
1) Talk to Carise. Choose the most polite answers. You’ll get your first mission, make her favorite drink (69 special).
2) Go to the Cocktail Bar. They do not have the correct items to make the drink. Time to find them. You need Lemon Juice, 7UP, and Gordon’s Dry Gin.
3) Leave the Cocktail Bar and enter the Fruit Market. They have the lemons but you have to cash to pay for them.
4) Leave the Fruit Market. Enter the ATM, insert your card, and try to make a cash withdrawal. DENIED! The machine is broken.
5) Return to the Fruit Market. Explain your situation and you are offered a mini-mission. Return a DVD for the shop girl.
6) Leave the Fruit Market and enter the Video Rental. Return the DVD and get the shop girl’s rental club card.
7) Leave the Video Rental and return to the Fruit Market. Give the shop girl her rental club card and receive your lemons in return.
8) Leave the Fruit Market and enter the Supermarket. Go to the Drinks section and talk to the girl there. Since you still have to cash you’ll be offered another mini-mission. She wants you to deposit $10 on her phone account to reactivate it. Get her phone number which is also the account number.
9) Leave the Supermarket and return to the ATM. Insert you card and choose Payments for mobile phone fees. Enter her cell # in the top field exactly as it was given to you, dashes and all. 34-699-563890 Next enter the amount of the payment as 10 with no decimals or additional zeros. The machine should accept your payment.
10) Exit the ATM and return to the Supermarket Drink isle. The girl will thank you and hand over the 7UP.
11) Still in the Supermarket, visit the Alcohol Section. Dry Gin is $80. No deals this time. Since you still have no cash the girls suggests you gamble on a horse race to make some money.
12) Leave the Supermarket and enter the Bookmaker. Bet on any horse and you’ll win $40. Repeat this again for another $40. You cannot get more than $80 at a time. You’ll just keep winning and losing alternately and can’t leave with more than $80.
13) Leave the Bookmaker and return to the Supermarket Alcohol Section. Buy the Dry Gin.
14) Leave the Supermarket and return to the Cocktail Bar. She can now make your drink for you.
15) Leave the Cocktail Bar and return to Talamaca Beach. Give the girl her drink and it’s party time. Part 1: Upper Arm, Lower Arm, Outside Thigh, Upper Chest, Right Breast, Left Breast, Abdomen. Part 2 & 3 are pretty straightforward. (note: left and right are her actual appendages, not how they relate to your view of her.)

Aguas Blancas Beach – Susan
1) Enter Aguas Blancas Beach. Talk to Susan and be polite. You’ll get a new mission. Get her some Ice Cream with Strawberries.
2) Leave the Beach and enter the Ice Cream Cafe. They have no strawberries and are too busy to fill your ice cream order at the moment. Help them out by making a delivery.
3) Exit the Ice Cream Cafe and Enter the Hotel. Knock 3 times and use the handle to enter the room.
4) Give Amanda her order and be nice to her. After making plans to meet her the next day she’ll tip you $20.
5) Leave the Hotel and visit the Fruit Market. You can purchase strawberries for $10.
6) Leave the Fruit Market and return to the Ice Cream Cafe. They can now fill your order.
7) Return to Aguas Blancas Beach and give Susan her Ice Cream. Party Time!! Part 1: Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Thigh, Left Thigh, Abdomen, Right Breast, Left Breast, Both Breasts, Clit. Part 2&3 are straightforward.

Benirras Beach – Amanda
1) Enter Benirras Beach and talk to Amanda. Be polite. New mission. Find Amanda a pair of sunglasses.
2) Leave the beach and enter the Summer Goods store. You only have $10 so you can only buy the cheap shades at this point.
3) Leave the Summer Goods store and return to Benirras Beach. Give Amanda the cheap sunglasses and she will reject them.
4) Leave the beach and visit the Bookmaker. Same rules apply as last time. Get another $80.
5) Leave the Bookmaker and return to the Summer Goods store. Buy the most expensive sunglasses.
6) Leave the Summer Goods store and return to Benirras Beach. Give Amanda her sunglasses. Party Time!! Part 1) Right Arm, Left Arm, Right Thigh, Left Thigh, Abdomen, Right Breast, Left Breast, Both Breasts, Clit. Parts 2&3 are straightforward.

The End