Buying a House

GideonD is Buying a House!

I’m not sure whether excitement is warranted or not. I’ve learned a lot about buying a house over the last few months. I finally put an offer in on one and now have it under contract. I got a pretty good price on it too. It’s definitely not my dream home but it’s better than living at home the rest of my life. I have a lot of work to put into it though.

Over the next few months you won’t be seeing much guitar related information. The blog will likely be filled with a few home improvement projects. I have to refinish the floors and woodwork, renovate both bathrooms and the kitchen (yay, tile work), and paint. I’ll probably be building a lot of furniture as well. There is also work to be done transforming a basement den into a home studio and the garage into a workshop. I have to lay pavers to expand the patio as well. Let’s not forget a few windows that still need replaced. The list goes on and on.

So if anyone wants to follow the progress of what happens when you are buying a house for the first time and have a ton of work to do updating it, definitely stay tuned. I sell paint and floor covering for a living so I’m very familiar with some of the products that I’ll be using in this project.


Relining a Guitar Case

Relining a Guitar Case

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Original Condition

Original Condition


Removing the lining.

Removing the lining.


All Done

All Done


Project Preview – Relining a Guitar Case

I’ve been working on relining the case from my Roadstar II guitar. It’s a TKL chipboard case with a faux fur lining. It had evidently been in storage a while and picked up a nasty musty smell I couldn’t get rid of. The only way to remedy that was to rip all the lining out, seal the wood, and reline it. The project is nearing completion. I should have a pictorial guide up by the end of the week if I can get the migraines to leave me alone. It didn’t help that someone decided to delete everything on the camera’s memory card, but I managed to recover those images before they were overwritten.

Stay tuned.