Project Preview – Pedal Board Case

I’m in the process of building a case for my Little Holey Vengeance pedal board so I can actually get the pedals mounted and use the damn thing. Right now I hate to mount them and basically have nothing to protect them when not in use. This is the first case I’ve built so I doubt it will turn out perfectly. I’m building the frame out of 3/4″ plywood (left overs from the speaker cabinet) and the top and bottom will be 3/16″ birch underlayment grade plywood. I’m covering it in olive green vinyl to match the board and lining it with brown velour. The vinyl isn’t really meant for this application. It’s more of an upholstery type vinyl so it isn’t taking the glue the best. I’ll make it work though, even though I’m not foreseeing the seams turning out well. I got the vinyl cheap though. Plus I got to see the pretty girl (Denise) at the fabric store. Now that I’m single I can look all I want and not feel guilty!

I’m hoping to have the case finished up in a week or so. I’ll get full project details up with photos at that point.


Making Your Own Instrument Cables – Part 2

Updated Information

This is an update with alternate methods of crimping from the original instrument cable article. This project has been moved to the Darkling Designs Website.

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