Spades and Flowers

This is a poem I’m actually rather proud of. I only did a couple of poems that I considered to be good, at least by my standards. This is one of them. It is entitled “Spades and Flowers.”

All love the children,

Some more than others,

Spades and flowers,

The abuse of a mother,


Fourteen years of torture,

Endless skies of sanguine pain,

Voluntary amnesia,

Alone in chartreuse rain,


Take flight my little sparrow,

Dreams of azure skies,

Beat your wings against the cage,

Bloody tears that haunt your eyes,


Broken doll on a forgotten shelf,

Toyed with and tossed aside,

Leather belts and cigarettes,

No place to run and hide,


Father’s sick and twisted love,

Mother’s cold disregard,

Brother long since flown the pen,

Splintered like a broken shard,


Designer drugs and dark drenched eyes,

The price your tainted flesh,

Paid in sex and blood and pain,

Sweet death at your own behest,


Sad and gray upon the knoll,

Monochrome fills the sky,

Spades and flowers for you sister,

Rusted pain, my heart’s well dry.


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