Hollow Beauty

Okay, this one is just weird even for me. I was probably having an odd moment when I was trying too hard. It’s called “Hollow Beauty”

It’s a cold winter’s night,

Lonely and chill,

I lie here by candlelight,

Silent and still,

Dreaming my dreams of you,

Pretender to death,

Wishing to be like you,

Forced to draw breath,

Your alabaster face,

Your deep ebony eyes,

Growing warm in my embrace,

My beating heart to despise,

I’ll hold you forever,

This shell you’ve become,

Till life’s bonds are severed,

Till flesh dulls and numbs,

I wish I could join you,

But I’m still a coward,

No will to carry through,

It’s not in my power,

Perhaps if I lie here,

Secure in despair,

Will the fading of fear,

Finally draw near,

Will my muscles grow slack,

My flesh chill as stone,

Will I fade and lose track,

The deed finally done,

Will my heart finally cease,

My flesh start decay,

On these cold satin sheets,

Through the warm summer days,

Will the return of cold weather,

See the circle ‘round full,

Will we lie here together,

My bones and your skull.


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