Broken Glass

I stumbled across some of my old poetry from the darker times in my life. I was pretty twisted evidently. I figured I’d put some of the better stuff up here for everyone to laugh at. I guess I’ve never been much of a goth and those days are mostly over, but life comes full circle pretty often and I’ve still got black velvet and leather in my closet so who really knows. This is the first one in my collection called “Broken Glass”




Eyes wide open,

pupils dialated,

gazing at the dark.


my soul

so black



like a mid-day sun;

beautiful radiation.





It’s eating at my insides,

eroding my mind.

I’m waiting to die.


no future



I was so full of life,

but empty inside.

Don’t ask me why.


simple truth

all lies


No reason;

just chaos in theory,

practiced to perfection.





I’m burned up inside.

The voices in my mind

stop breathing tonight.





Fragile reflections,

a looking glass to my past.

There is peace in crying.





I’m used up and spent.

It’s not worth slicing my wrists

on broken glass from my past.


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