Little Holey Vengeance Pedal Board

Little Holey Vengeance

Little Holey Vengeance

A DIY Pedal Board Project

Well since I have a few days of vacation left and the RG 530 Roadstar II project is on hold until parts get here, I decided to proceed with a project I’ve been meaning to tackle for quite a while.

A few months ago I came across the Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard on Ebay. I was intrigued by the design and how it avoids the use of Velcro and similar attachment methods, which can ruin your pedals if you really want the stuff to stick correctly. They use zip ties to strap the pedals down through the holes instead. The boards are rather expensive, although not anymore so than most pedal boards you can buy. I like to make things myself though so I figured I would come up with my own design based on the Holeyboard concept.

If you want one of these for yourself, I’m attaching my plans which you can print on blueprint sized paper at someplace like Staples. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of building it yourself, by all means support the designer of this concept by buying one directly from Chemistry Design Werks.

Here are the files I’m attaching. These are nothing more than PNG formatted graphics files. I laid this board out in Photoshop since I’ve never had any experience with Illustrator or CAD software. One of these days I’ll learn to use LibreCAD since I have it installed.

Click here to DOWNLOAD!

UPDATE: I got the plans back from Staples. Everything looks good with one issue. The holes are larger than they should have been. They clearly display on the grid in Photoshop as 3/8″ but actually come out on paper as 3/4″. This is why I need to learn to use CAD software. Regardless, it isn’t a big deal. If you want to use the plans just plan on drilling with whatever size bit you feel comfortable with. The holes can still be used as centers. The whole board is still rather large when you see it full sized on paper. There is room for quite a few pedals.

Some Details

I haven’t started actual construction of this yet. I originally came up with a design that I called the Holey Vengeance. This design was about 36″ wide and featured room for two Wah style pedals, one on each side. I’ve since rethought the design and concluded that it was just too big for my needs. I reworked it a bit and came up with the Little Holey Vengeance which is scaled down to 30″ and only has room for one Wah style pedal. I’ve included the images for both types in the zip file.

I intend to cut this out of 3/4″ cabinetry grade plywood. I’ll use a band saw, scroll saw, and probably a hand saw to get the basic shapes cut out. I’ll use my belt sander to smooth out the edges and my router to round them over. I’m planning to use a 3/8″ drill bit to make the holes. I had originally figured on 1/4″ but decided that didn’t give enough room for multiple zip ties. I tried 1/2″ but that looked massive on the drawing so I scaled it back to 3/8″, which is think will serve just fine. It’ll also help reduce the weight of the board just a bit. I’ll be finishing it with a lacquer sanding sealer and multiple coats of Duplicolor automotive lacquer for color and protection. I haven’t decided on the exact color scheme yet. I’ll place rubber feet at various places on the base as well to elevate it off of the floor so the zip ties have room to lay under the board along with any power supply cables I want to run underneath.

Once the majority of the board build is done I’m considering building a plexiglass shell that will attach over top of the board to protect the pedals during transport. We’ll wait and see how feasible that idea is once the board is built.

Right now, I’ve submitted my plans to Staple and have to pick them up later today. I’ll probably get started on the actual construction tomorrow at the latest. So stay tuned for updates as this project progresses.


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